IBKA is in high readiness in connection with coronavirus risk

IBKA is in high readiness in connection with coronavirus risk, and at the moment we are working at full capacity. IBKA performs critical social tasks. We take the situation that is now developing most seriously and our main goal is to ensure that we have healthy and safe employees who can meet our customers in a good and safe way going forward.

An emergency preparedness group was set up early in the Norsk Gjenvinning Group and locally in IBKA to monitor the development and to continuously assess and implement appropriate risk mitigation measures. The measures implemented are in close collaboration with our operational departments to ensure solutions that work locally, as this varies from place to place and department to department.

All our departments have risk-assessed their work in relation to the situation in the previous two weeks. Based on this, we have prepared and implemented contingency plans that are continuously adapted to the situation. Our ambition is to maintain our service offerings to our customers as much as possible.
We ask that customers and partners take their precautions. This is a common good that everyone must contribute to in order to minimize the social challenges we now face.

If you have any questions, contact your contact person.