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Our Services

IBKA has particularly specialised in high pressure water jetting and dry vacuum cleaning. By means of our ADR approved dry/wet vacuum cleaners – so-called mammoth trucks – we are capable of absorbing most wet and dry materials and carry them away – from construction waste to liquid chemical products.

Heat Exchangers

IBKA cleans all types of tubular units in refineries, power plants, combined heat and power plants as well as all types of process equipment in industrial businesses.

Tank Cleaning

For many years, one of IBKA’s greatest assets has been its range of tank cleaning services. Through the many different tasks, we have acquired extensive know-how and thus consider ourselves specialists within this field.

Cleaning of Columns

IBKA’s automatic equipment for the cleaning of columns and a newly developed technology for the cleaning of production columns as well as similar equipment offer considerable advantages when it comes to protection of people and environment.

Power Plants

Over the years, IBKA has undertaken all kinds of work for combined heat and power plants involving cleaning, high pressure water jetting, emptying, suction, removal, vacuum cleaning using mammoth trucks, general cleaning services, diving services, water cleaning, etc.

Boiler Cleaning

Tasks have typically involved areas and sections of the boiler where accumulation results in reduced air flow, higher operating temperature and thus reduced output.

Special Vacuum Cleaning

IBKA’s dry/wet vacuum cleaners – so-called mammoth trucks – can be used where special assistance is needed: industrial and building sectors, refineries, tank systems, power plants, silo systems, sewerage and water treatment plant, vessels and port facilities.

Cleaning of Chimneys

The soot and sulphur deposits which are gradually built up in chimneys will, when allowed to grow, periodically be carried along with the exhaust gases and spread across the surrounding areas.

Tube Cleaning

Using highly developed techniques and specially designed accessory tools such as Rotofan tube cleaner and automatic flexible hose machines with 2 hoses, IBKA undertakes all types of special cleaning of pipe systems with hard deposits.

Bullworker Cleaning

The most recent initiative is IBKA’s tank washer. The structure and ellipse rotation of the tank washer ensure that all areas of the tank walls are cleaned.

Ultra High Pressure

By using IBKA’s special ultra high pressure unit with an operating pressure of 2500 bar, we can undertake all types of work.