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Boiler Cleaning

Tasks have typically involved areas and sections of the boiler where accumulation results in reduced air flow, higher operating temperature and thus reduced output.


Over the years, IBKA has been involved with highpressure hosing of boiler sections at waste sites and power stations in UK and Scandinavia.

The cleaning typically takes place in areas and sections of the boilers where accumulation of soot and slag reduces the flow of air. This would otherwise lead to increased operating temperature andreduced boiler output. Our work is performed in furnace chambers, primary and secondary incineration chambers, in air preheaters, economisers, electrofilters, and inside chimneys.

IBKA is continuously developing robots, special nozzles, and manipulators to meet the conditions brought about by new boiler design and more stringent requirements on safety and personal protection. This is necessary to provide efficient, safe and economic cleaning services.

Concrete renovation

IBKA’s Aqua-Jet quickly and efficiently removes concrete in boiler rooms – eg. on pillars, floors, ceilings, and on indoor and outdoor walls.

Advantages from using IBKA’s Aqua-Jet are :

  • Increased efficiency and enhanced security
  • Need of additional sandblasting reduced
  • Time and money saved


IBKA can also offer you cleaning of boiler sections by controlled dynamite explosions performed by our highly educated and special trained staff – all holding necessary permits and certificates.

There are many obvious advantages of using explosives:

  • Explosions can be perfomed while boiler is in use
  • Huge economic savings compared to other cleaning types
  • Explosive charges can be put in very narrow places (eg. between tubes)
  • Work is performed with heat-resistant camera

Until 2010 IBKA has accomplished such tasks for seventeen waste sites and power stations.

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