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Heat Exchangers

IBKA cleans all types of tubular units in refineries, power plants, combined heat and power plants as well as all types of process equipment in industrial businesses.

By means of our high pressure and hot water units, specially developed nozzle range, special tools, manipulators and robot designs for the various tasks, we are able to provide a better quality of cleaning when performing those tasks and ensure higher efficiency and safety during the course of work.

IBKA has extensive experience with planning and project management when it comes to large cleaning projects, e.g. in connection with shutdowns where work finished on time is the key word.

IBKA can also offer cleaning of heat exchangers in closed containers – mobile washing facilities.

For optimal performance

The heat exchanger is a silent machine with no moving parts and is often regarded as a "no maintenance needed" piece of equipment, but this not the case. Although the maintenance can be relatively low compared to chillers and pumps, it is still needed and it should be performed at regular intervals. Planning maintenance is critical to ensuring production and system uptime and will help to avoid equipment failure.

The cost of prevention can be budgeted and is normally lower than emergency repairs. Without regular maintenance, a system can be subjected to unpredictable shutdowns, resulting from fouling or scaling of the plates, clogging of the plate pack or even gasket failure.

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